Amazon Fulfillment


Amazon is known for attracting the best candidates for careers across the enterprise.

However, Amazon felt their fulfillment recruiting website failed to educate candidates about the culture of Amazon, how the company is structured, and what opportunities are available from division to division.

While working as a senior designer for Rational Interaction, Jeremy and team worked  to define a feature set that was right for users interested in working in fulfillment roles. The new site seamlessly guides a user through the recruiting process using simple and clean navigation, strong calls to action and user-friendly messaging. Within six weeks after launch, the new site had over 30,000 unique visits, over the course of the summer the new site had 2 million visits from 200,000 unique visits.


Amazon Fulfillment Center


Rational Interaction


  • Art Direction
  • Branding
  • Design

Video by: Carl Davis

Video by: Carl Davis